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Does this sound familiar? :)

Clever? Aside from me answering back it's happened.

What is wrong with cellphonaholics anyway? I go to the can for peace and quiet and some ******* sits in the next stall and starts yaking on a cell phone. Man that is as offensive as it gets. I'd rather have someone stand up lean forward and fart loudly in a business conference. At least the fart was necessary.

PS To the Canadians out there. What ever happened to legalized cell phone jammers in Canada?

They were about to start using them in restuarants when the phone companies got it delayed?


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I dont doubt it LeeJend! I too would love to see phone jammers, as for example my girlfriend is a teacher and teachers 14-18 year olds so mobles are a nightmare in her classes, just the time for a jammer :)
Actually, I was thinking more theatres, restaurants, schools and toilets. Umm, lets see - supermarkets, while driving.

Where they are ok -
on the side of the road, fast food joints, any place where the people around you can't hear you talking about the private business (or private parts) of your family and freinds.

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