does this ever happen to you. Corruption of files)


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok let me try to explain this.

ok everyonce in a while i will be looking through some files of mine (between 100-300 megs) and i will notice that they are like cut in half or less size. These are mostly Video files. and they are usually very old but i dont think they are allways extremly old. this of course makes them corrupted and such.

Also im not sure but sometimes i think files just up and disapear... Now you have to remember I have alot of files. and its hard ot have a good memory with them.. just in the past i had some hardive problems and lost 3 (figured out it was a psu and replaced) But im just very edgy about this stuff.

i think im gona run memtest86 just for the hell of it... (edit): no errors.


1. I have run the wester digital drive diagnostic software and i pass i do this very frequently.
2. i run active smart and the only errors i get are a occasion spin up time slow or seek error slow (glitches for the most part as far as i can tell.)
3 i run spybot and antvirus all the time)
4 i defrag rarely but i have recently and i never trust it maybe this is part of the problem.
5. and i have constant activity too 2 out 3 of my drives. (downloading).

I just freakl out im tired of thinsg breaking and not working right and am low on cash to replace parts hehe.


Blame me for the RAZR's
abit AN7 (in sig) and latest forceware
well updated like a month ago so no earlier than that.

i will look for a new update. thanks for your reply dreamliner

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