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does online gaming affect dl limit?


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I've just setup a second computer for my kids and networked it through my router. They play a lot of games and watch music clips / short movies onlline, some games that are installed on the computer online but mainly from web pages that have the games on them.

My question is, does online gaming and watching music clips etc affect download limits as I have a monthly download limit that I have to stick to


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Yes it does, although you may not be saving the the downloads you are still downloading data. Most of the time this data is actually stored on your hard drive in in your browser cache directory untill you clean it out.
there are bandwidth moniyor programs that can keep track for you so you don't go over. there have been a coupole threads posted. if you cant find them post back and i'll see what i can turn up. yiou will need to instal them on each pc and add the usage up.

you should be able to block the video and music streaming through the browser. the games need certain ports open so you can block those with zonealarm. password it so the kids can't open the ports or allow the games.

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