Does MS Outlook 2000 have a logging feature?


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Lately I've been getting very aggravated with an issue that's been occurring with a select few POP3 accounts. For some reason when users go to check their account, Outlook reports that it's checking say, 1 of 21 emails. But that's it. It just stays there doing nothing, doesn't progress at all.

I had believed this to be caused by the Symantec Email Scanner that was checking the email from Symantec Antivirus (which is deployed from the server). I uninstalled the application on the computer hoping that would resolve the issue, but nothing! On some accounts, you're able to temporarily resolve the issue by logging into their webmail, and deleting the email you think is the one sticking the email. Typically it isn't even an email that has an attachment, it's just regular text!

I'm trying to find out what exactly the cause of this is so that I can fix it once and for all. This is becoming extremely troublesome, and it's keeping people from being unable to perform their duties because they're hung up on email.

Any ideas on what I can do?


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Very interesting actually, I just turned this on for my Outlook and I want to take a look at it. I have had some quirky send/receive errors for a few installations (not my own), this may provide useful information over their silly errors that normally present themselves.

Pardon what may be a silly question - where are the log files kept?


Just turned this on and got a popup shown in the screenshot. Anyone notice performance differences with it on? I'm going to keep an eye on it, just wanted to see what others thought.


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I don't know, I haven't enabled it yet though. I wonder how well Outlook will tell me what the problem with downloading mail is. I would assume that a better error log would be on the server itself that's stopping the messages from coming through, but I don't know anything about exchange logging.


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Maybe totally not worth posting because another issue could be causing this, but I rememeber from some years back when I worked @ ISP end-user helpdesk we would get some issues with Outlook just sitting there on message one of X and doing nothing. I also remember that it was caused by the first message in queue being corrupted.

The solution to that problem was telnetting to the pop server and manually erasing the first message in queue. But this only applies if the issue is re-occuring everytime, not for clients that sometimes can download that first message and sometimes can't. You could give it a try, if applicable.

telnet 110
[COLOR=dimgray]+OK Hello there.[/COLOR]
USER username
[COLOR=dimgray]+OK Password required.[/COLOR]
PASS password
[COLOR=dimgray]+OK logged in.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=dimgray]+OK POP3 clients that break here, they violate STD53.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=dimgray]1 804[/COLOR]
[COLOR=dimgray]2 1105[/COLOR]
[COLOR=dimgray]+OK Deleted.[/COLOR]
& Send & Receive in OUtlook....

You can view headers with TOP command.
TOP 1 10
Top 10 lines from the message number 1....

Hope it helps, and if doesn't maybe it'll be usefull later on. =)



EDIT: and now I see the webmail stuff, so I know this won't be helpful. :S

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