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does evga still do the step up program?


There is no answer!
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well i thought i'd get a 7800gs now and then in a few months step up to the best one, that way its not to painful on the wallet.


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I can not believe it...
EVGA gives you teh value you pay for the card... I bought mine in August so its too late now, but if i had known about this program i would have done it in december, i paid 345 dollars for my card... right now i could have gotten a 7900gtx super clocked for 5 dollars:(

I cant believe i missed the date...


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I believe Elemental Dragon partakes in such fun with eVGA.
correction: i WAS going to partake in it..... decided not to. for one.... was semi-short on cash at the time my spot in the queue for the 7900GT CO Superclocked came up.... and also didn't really see the point in getting a card that's only slightly faster than the card slightly faster than mine. Plus i was getting my new monitor.... and woulda been without my computer for probably at LEAST a week... possibly a week and a half till all was said and done (since nobody else around my house has a PCI-Express x16 video card i could borrow.... and i have no on-board video). no sense getting a new monitor, and not being able to use it for a while.

and you DO know they only give you 90 days after the date of purchase to take part in the step-up program, right? you have 90 days to submit for it, and even if you pass those 90 days.... as long as you're in the queue for the card, it doesn't matter how long you're in the queue for. i honestly think it's one of the best ideas any manufacturer has ever come up with. granted it can be a pain in the arse if you only have one computer (would have two..... but my brothers girlfriend has my laptop...... figure that one out. :-?).

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