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Does Compatibility mode Work?


Kenny scroggie

Does the compatibility mode in Win XP work at all? I've been trying to run a few of my older games that were designed for win 98 but they don't seem to work. Even when I try to use the compatibility mode. Tome raider games etc.
This might seem a bit basic, but are you trying compatibility mode on the shortcut of the game or the actual executable?

I have tried it on the shortcut before, but it didn't work. You would think XP would be smart enough to figure out you really want to adjust the mode of the target prog. Maybe it's supposed to. But, it worked for me only when I applied the compatibility mode on the actual program executable.

Just my $.02
The Need for Speed website specifically mentions that Porsche Unleashed does not work on 2000/NT (NT-based systems)

I turned on compatibility mode (Windows 98/ME), and it works perfectly well.


As someone else mentioned, you need to set compatibility mode on the actual executeable, this will then create a PIF file. double check the properties.
When setting compatibility, ensure that under properties you allocate everything to the DOS game. eg all memory settings to 16384 and if there is a tick box.TICK IT.
save the settings and run the program.
Note there can be a time lag while XP thinks about what to do. Railway Tycoon (yes I finally got it working) takes 45 secs before it appears the first time. If you retiire, close and restart it only takes 9sec (odd but true).

Good Luck
I just try to help


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If u have the cd for the game and have auto run disabled. Open my computer go to the cdrom drive right click on it click on the compatibility tab and then select which version of windows u want to try the game under. If it works save the settings and it will work everytime after that. I used it and it works great.
Hope that helps


It's a hit and miss thing.. I've had it work fine on some games, not at all on others, and some older games work better without it..

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