Does Compatability Mode Really Work?



I have tried compatibility mode for some older games and it dont seem to work, even after changing it and rebooting.

I am tring to get carmageddon 2 to work but no matter what I do it says 'this game will not work on windows NT'

If anyone has made this work, please let me know :D ;) :) :p :cool:
Carma 2 won't work on NT based systems, if you email tech support you will get an automated response saying (amongst other things) that it doesn't and they aren't going to change it

.......BUT it can be done!!!!! you need the No CD crack and it will work!!! I know i've done it recently and have been playing it since
I'd like to know if it's possible to get this DOS game with 3DFX patch to work on a nvidia card.
Compatibility wizard definitly works. I tried endlessly to get Alice to run under XP to no avail and then ran the compatibility option for it and haven't found a glitch yet. I have, however found that not every game will run, such as Black & White! It seems for XP, the platform games are a breeze to run and the 3D games get picky. Good luck!
compatibility mode is only partly implemented.

funny, I just played the alice demo on XP without using compatibility mode...
Especially seeing as Alice is just the Quake 3 engine...

I have been getting more reports of people needing compatibility mode when I don't. this compatibilty mode is not always a solution, but a workaround, as it can often slow things down.
>>this compatibilty mode is not always a solution<<

Which is why I said not every game will run in XP with the compatibility mode!

I've yet to see any slow downs on any game in compatibily mode. Maybe having 500+ RAM helps.
How would you know if the game doesn't work in standard mode?

And if that were the case, why wouldn't EVERYTHING run in compatibility mode?

I have 256mb ram

Is gaming all you do? I'm not sure what you are on about with your last post. If I understand the question correctly... you'd know it doesn't run in standard mode if you try it and it doesn't! That's a no brainer!

There are several reasons why some games don't work in XP dispite the compatibility mode and I don't care to get into a debate about all those reasons.

Bottom line: I love XP and after hearing the complaints from those that don't.... for the most part it's because folks have devices on their computer with drivers that are either outdated or don't include the functions needed to work properly in XP, as with any new OS. XP is not for everyone and I was told by an XP developer that I work with that if you are a gamer, chances are you won't want XP.

I guess if you have a game you are just dying to play under XP, why not run the DirectX diagnostic and see if it's compatible. Sometimes all you need is a compatible video driver.

I'm done, thank you!
hm, tried Transport Tycoon, but it didn't work.
seems like it's trying to check the com port for mouse.
( yes it old..., but ohh so sweet)
Anyone know how to get by this..??

Is gaming all you do? I'm not sure what you are on about with your last post. If I understand the question correctly... you'd know it doesn't run in standard mode if you try it and it doesn't! That's a no brainer!

I'll rephrase:

a) The same games you need compatibility mode on to work, work fine on my system WITHOUT compatibility mode.

b) How do you know there is no slowdown with compatibility mode, if you can't get them to work in standard mode?
Okay thanks for the clairification.
Let me answer it this way....

If I've run Alice (for example) in Win 98se just fine and then run it in XP in compatiblitiy mode and it runs faster than in 98.... I will assume there's no slow down.

My computer is not new. In fact as of this coming April it will be 2 years old. I have maintained it with an updated BIOS and updated drivers for every device I have, replaced the cdRom, Video card, added RAM and a hard drive and in doing so.... the only device that I had to tweak to make Alice run was the video card. I have a GeForce2 and found the nVidia detonator driver wreaked havoc with my monitor and my games so after a lot of searching, I found a compatible driver to suit my needs.

The bottom line is this.... in working in computer troubleshooting and with the hurdles I've had to over come with my own system I have learned that everyone's system is different and there are no blanket statements that fit everyone. Whether or not a certain OS does this or does that is determined by each persons PC. You can run some games in XP without the compatibility mode on...... that's wonderful...... happy gaming to you. I can run certain games with some minor tweaks..... that's wonderful too. Why are we debating this? Anyone who's worked on computers for nearly any length of time knows these things already.
The initial questions was whether compatibility mode works or not and I merely stated that indeed it does work for me.

I think this answers your A and B.

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