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Does cable select actually do something to my drive?


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I just cracked open my Dell case to see the model of my CD-RW. While looking at it, I noticed that the CD-RW (which is a Samsung SW-240B) is in the secondary channel with the jumper set to Cable Select.

Apart from this, I have this problem where the drive doesn't read a CD or CD-R (any type of CD for that matter) the first time its inserted. So I have to open the tray, put the cd, close it, wait for it to spin around, then reopen it and reclose it and it will be able to read the CD. I dont know if a firmware upgrade would fix this. I've tried looking for a firmware upgrade but I don't know if it'll work (Since its OEM and comes from Dell).

Is it possible that the jumper being on Cable Select is causing the problem?

If not, would a firmware upgrade help?
I'm not sure if the firmware upgrade would work since the drive is OEM from Dell. Heres the link just in case. The most recent firmware apparently dates to Nov 26 2002


Thanks in advance,


Check this out! - talking about older Dell and Compaq systems.

Only time I had to use cable select was on my old Compaq when I replaced my Zip drive with a TDK cd writer! It specifically stated to set it to master on the secondary - but it woul dnever work that way! Set it to CS and worked fine.


Cable select shouldnt cause you any problems. All it does is set the drive at the end of the cable master and the one in the middle as slave. I use it on my system with no problems.
All of my drives are on cable select, just like they were in my Dell (I took them out and put them in my new system exactly how they were). Your CD-RW being on cable select wouldn't have anything to do with your problem.
You should be ok flashing it have a look a this site Here i picked out your drive and it does say Dell oem and also provides the firmware and the flashing tool required...read the instructions carefully and you should be fine.

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