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does anyone.....




don't take it bad about the "NO" until he says something else or unless you have some sort of ongoing feud, some people type in all caps cuz they like it or it's easier no matter how it comes off to others, some ppl accidentally have caps lock in in their 1 word replies;) (ive done it)

so...before you jump to a conclusion think about how it could have been an accident, or just dont say anything...

War Priest

Hey Empire, sorry man, didnt mean anything by that, Just having fun..nothing intended..heheh

and hopefully there wont be an ongoing feud, I would hate to wake my Gramdma Clikky from her nap, she can get nasty if she doesnt get enough sleep." Sorry about that spot, and I found your left,.....ummmm.....Manhood...:eek:

No, I dont play. I have actually never tried it. Can you guys give me some more info, Ive heard good and bad stories about that game..

dejav00, thanks for not jumping the gun, your right, no harm intended..

War Priest

Im playing alot of Never Winter Nights right now. Level 14 Monk. Died very very very very very easy in the begining. But now he is immune to most low level mind spells and natural armour is ok enough to not get damaged much with normal weapons or arrows.
I know, wrong game. Just passing it on. And I needed another post.

Just kidding.:D

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