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Does anyone remember Valentine Dancer.

Many moons ago, before I had my 2.6 gig processor, XP, 21 inch monitor and all that cool stuff, I also had (on my old system) a program called "Valentine Dancer".

It was a computer generated/animated, female dancer who danced to tunes when you played them on your PC. I believe it was a screen saver though I am not sure. She did not dance directly in sync with the tunes but she was a lot of fun.

There was, I think, a Christmas Dancer to.

Anyway, does that program still exist and has it been enhanced?



I may actually be insane.
Wow! Now there's something I'd forgotten about.
There was indeed a christmas version and a beach babe one, they were made by a company called wildtangent and available for Winamp2.x and windows media player.

*goes off to find them*
I just remembered!!!

Because someone mentioned "wild tangent".

I recall that when you downloaded the dancers the download placed a icon (wild tangent) on your control panel. I thought it was a virus ( I think it was a link to the site or a way of changing/tweaking the dancer) but it was pesky to get rid of. I had totally forgotten about the beach girl.



Well loads of kewl dancers on media edition.

I like Nikole (from Nikole and Marcelo).

She's Mustard ;)

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