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does anyone know??


Nissan Powered
Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing at the end of the movie kill bill during the credits. If anyone knows I would be most greatfull. ohh and its sang by a japanese woman.


Nissan Powered
girlfriend says thats not the song, she has the sound track and she said its not on it she says that the words urushi-bushi in it and say it over and over and its a woman singing.


NTFS Stoner
ooooops i checked again, looks like i fluffed, its this 1 :p

Zamfir - Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack - 14 - The Lonely Shepherd.mp3

the album does not have the singing you were on about, but thats got to be the 1, i went through the entire album

ps. the best song is - Bernard Herrmann - Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack - 04 - Twisted Nerve.mp3

where daryl hanna is whistling down the hallway in hospital :confused::confused:

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