Does anyone here make DVD's?


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29 Aug 2002
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I was just wondering if anyone had captured DV files - as you can these days, and I am thinking specifically of .AVI format and successfully burnt a DVD that they could play in a domestic player. I do not mean Mini-DV or the other cormats that can be burnt to CD discs for a "tolerant" or "enabled" player - I mean to a regular DVD disc for a "regular" player.

I know there are other forums for this also like here andhere but they tend to get caught up in copying/cloning and technical camera issues. I am just getting very frustrated with simple "home video" tasks and kinda trust this forum.

As backgreound you should maybe know I can use PowerDirector to capture to .AVI no problems and have (of course) the EZProducer that comes with it -0 but will not burn for me OK. For burning I hoped to Use WinOnCD 6 (DVD Edition), but no joy so far..... which has led me to try on anothers recommendation Neros 6 (again no joy).... About to try the Ulead offering as I type, but thought I would post here to see what I might get.

For anything - I thank you. For nothing - I thank you also (because you read what I typed!) :p

dreamliner77 said:
YOu will lhave to convert the .avi to mpeg2 (the format of DVD)
OK that much I know - and then? I'm having media troubles I think but even hit an error where PowerDVD won't play with my last burn! (Will post when I fix that one). Anyone here burnt OK to a R/W media? That is my aim as first step....
The mpeg2 will have to be "dvd compatible". You will have to look up the specs, i don't have them offhand.
ok thanks -

dreamliner77 said:
You will have to look up the specs, ...
I'll do that after I've dealt with this from my player "Error Code: "89030000" - " 80004005" unknown file format.
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