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Does anyone have AOL Broadband



Does anyone have........

..AOL broadband. I dont have it, but thinking of getting it because its cheaper for me cos modem is free.

However want to know peoples experience with it and can it be shared through your house like other broadbands, NTL, Giointernet etc??????


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It sucks. It uses a special propritary login client, not standard PPPoE, therefore it is useless for networking with a router. You can only access it by opening the normal AOL Client software and selecting AOL DSL as the connection type. You can't use it without connecting through the AOL application.



JJB, I thought that. SLy aint they.

Coaster Boy do you have your broadband shared on freeserve??


If you want a.o.l. then you can't have an intel, sis or via chipset, as their duff modem don't work properly with it.

I had to buy a zoom modem from pc world costing me £50 to get it to work correctly.

The zoom modem is a PCI (internal) chipsets I mentioned don't work with the modem they supply correctly. It's do do with the power the usb provides. Don't even think of buying a new usb port card either it won't work.

The modem they supply is a BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL Modem.

Now you realise why BT where happy to unload these modems as they suck also.

Coz they give you a free modem don't mean it any better than others.

If you can get cable in your area get that. If your line is o.k. for freeserve get that. My line is only asdl compatible with aol, so thats why we are stuck with it for a bit.

Their software is buggy also, aol 8. Whataever you do if you do get aol is don't upgrade it to aol 9 till the beta testing is finished, it sucks.

O.K. gl.


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Originally posted by CoasterCowboy
I went for Freeserve Broadband, free modem, free connection and the same monthly fee as AOL Broadband.


getting the same installed @ mo ;)
I've never liked AOL simply because of that goofy interface you need to run to connect. I was on dial-up with AOL for years simply because my wife liked it and I didn't want to change providers just to go to another dial-up. But since then, I've upgraded to cable (through MediaCom) and it is MUCH better. No more stupid interface. Not to mention the trouble with connecting with Linux!

IMO, AOL makes their software for people who know little about software/computers/internet to protect them from themselves.


I used AOL for a couple of years too but as soon as I was connected I would minimize the interface to the toolbar an jus use IE or Mozilla.That interface jus takes up too much valuable screen space. :p

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