Does anyone have a retail AMD 4600+ box only!

Hi I really need a 4600+ (939) box to return my CPU to AMD. I'm willing to pay for it. I being the stupid person I am accidentally pressed too hard on my CPU when putting it into it's socket and bent 3 pins. After trying to bend one of them straight I broke one so now I need to RMA it. Seeing how I need a retail version in box to RMA I need a box. I probably would have gotten the retail version however the OEM version was the only one available. Thanks for any help. PM me if your interested.


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search online, plus would this is be the osnnbay for wtb? Yea an since you explained that its your fault, i bet this will get closed...
here is a reply by AMD.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for contacting AMD Technical Support.
We don't have any ool for fixing pins but if you've got a PiB(Processor in a Box) your warranty covers up to 5 bent/broken pins. If
that was an OEM part you should contact the company that you have purchased your CPU from in order to claim warranty.
Michal Laszczyk

Since Newegg won't take it back this is my last hope.

So you want to RMA based upon user error? That is wrong to do...
This is not the route I wanted to take but it is the only way to not have a new worthless CPU unless you know a different route I could take.
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I think your screwed as the certificate contains the warranty, processor code and serial number info which must match what the CPU says. I blanked mine out on the attached.


I think your screwed as the certificate contains the warranty, processor code and serial number info which must match what the CPU says. I blanked mine out on the attached.
Great. I didn't realize that the cpu itself had a serial number on it. Well thanks for the input, I think I'll see about a guy I read about who'll fix it for $30. Again thanks.

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They dont cover someone jamming the thing in sideways and breaking pins thats just plain not going to be covered sorry , hope you can find a guy that can somehow fix the pins ..


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Yeah... Im gonna be saying its your fault, thus don't even try to get a free processor out of it.
No box anyways..
Reminds me of the day I bent about 10 pins removing an amd cpu when the heatsink got stuck :) I must hold the world record for longest period of time without a heart beat :p
I think I have learned my lesson about ZIF. I'm not sure about this guy I was talking about earlier but he shows all of his personal information so I think I'll check if that really is his info through whois. His website is . If anyone else has used him, though I highly doubt it, could you tell me about your experiences with him. Thanks.

Also, as a sidenote to American Zombie no offense intended, I'm very surprised to see a man of your age being so technologically inclined, given that my father is slightly younger than you and hardly knows how to use a mouse.
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