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Does anybody know.....



.......any software or method of changing your wallpaper automatically?? Making it change randomly?

Surely there is???
Dozens. They're called screen savers. Soem are free, some are pay, some are spyware. Choose wisely.

I like second nature. They have a free sampler pack w/program and for purchase many pictures packs you can buy for $10-15 a pack.

You can also make your own backgrounds from pictures of the kids, sci-fi, game screen shots, porn, etc. and add them to the pictures displayed.

Has a nice built in calendar, lotsa toys.

And they donate part of the income to Nature Conservation efforts.



I'm not talking about screensavers, I'm talking about your desktop wallpaper. :p Like, can you get it to change at log on or anything?

Thanks for the help anywho.
do what I do - build flash movie that generates a random number, each number corresponds to particular image. so each time the desktop loads or refreshes, it randomly selects one of the images... drop it in an html file and stick it on your desktop - doesnt get much easier lol

here is an example of some crap I did

I assume any one of those programs work on the same principle, but its just that much more fun to do it yourself :cool:

<== ohhh, big 2-0-0 :D


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Webshots also does calendars and ctrl-shift-w to change wallpaper manually. Used to be payware and is now a top of the range freeware. Look at this before anything else. It's the most popular by far.

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