Does anybody know where I can download GTA2 compatible for Windows XP?


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24 Dec 2001
My friend burned GTA2 for me, and I am trying to play it but every time I open the executable, it gives me the error report. Then when I open the GTA2 Setup, it says that this version is not compatible with your version of windows.

Does anybody know where I can get the right version?!

GTA2 is not compatible with windows XP and rockstar does not make a version for XP, you can search game sites and for a patch....or you can try running the game in compatibility mode to see if that works
Looked at Take2games, there is no link for a patch (Found the link but its dead...) Any ideas sa to where to get the patch, i think its like 1.03 or whatever for GTA2
I am getting a broken link from that file that you gave me the URL to Punk...trying to get a friend to download it. Ok, I have the burned version of GTA2, not the disk one but from like Kazaa or something (Warez). I hope this works! :)
Not working! :(((

It says Severe! Could not find GTA2 installation on computer.

Any ideas?
Its working for me, I would download it and share it, but it is 4 megs and I am on dialup!
The patch itself is working, but it keeps saying it cant find an installation of GTA2 on my computer. :((( I dont know what to do to make it find it and what not.
Well, like I said, id ont have the CD. My friend downloaded the Warez of it...Basically after you install it it is the copied FOLDER of the information. You copy it into the directory and run it. But my guess the patch looks for it in the registry and thus it cant find it.
lol, you guys know better than to help warez :D

well, punkrulz, warez usually have a registry file that adds the entries into the registry so patches can recognize it...

but patches don't usually work on warez unless you have the .iso of the'll say it can't find the CD after you apply the patch...
Well, the registry file is there, but Windows XP doesnt like registries. =((
Well the moral of the story appears to be don't dl warez! :D

besides you can pic up GTA2 on budget relaease very cheap. and if you really wanted it it would save the hassel
I have XP Pro and GTA2 but the patch just plain doesnt work. When you execute the file it gives the usual "install shield is preparing blah blah...." message, get to 99% and stays like that for about 2 minutes. Then it just dissapears
I have the GTA 2 .exe which will make it work. If you want it, say so. :D

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