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Do you use Windows or Linux?

Which do you use?

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the title says it all :D

i just tried out linux last week, and i have to say i am loving it. i just tried ubuntu, it looks and feels really polished and well thought out, all hardware worked out-of-the-box. maybe i will switch from xp one day :rolleyes:


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I use both, but primarily Linux these days.

Gaming is the only reason I keep a Windows machine at home. And my interest in that is waning because my desktop machine is getting older and unable to run some of the newer games very well.

I left Fedora and jumped onto the Ubuntu bandwagon and haven't looked back since.
Windows on the desktop, and an Exchange mail server.
Linux and FreeBSD for web servers and some dev work.

Why pick one when you can have the best of both worlds, eh? :)


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Windows Vista on my production box.
Windows Vista on my notebook.
Windows Server 2003 for my mail server (Exchange).
Fedora for my web hosting server.


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madmatt: Fedora is a horrible choice for a web server, if you want Red Hat, use CentOS.
I will be purchasing a new server and additional licensing for Windows Server within the next six months.

The Fedora server will be phased out after that or used for different purposes. Thank you for the advice, moving forward with that server afterwards I will look into CentOS.


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windows mostly at work (although I'll be putting in some CentOS boxes soon for some network montoring and also probably an SMTP gateway server running postfix/spam assassin/etc)

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