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do you think adding RAm would help?

i currently have 256ddr ram. and i usually like to multitask and stuff and i thought 256 would be enough . but when i load my games it takes a long time to open up another program. do you think geting 512mb (or maybe 256) more RAM would help??
its always best to get some extra ram while the price is low... also, 256mb ram is pretty much beginning to become standard for systems with winxp (for them to run any good at least)

512mb is like £42 in UK... I'm debating whether to get 1gb of ram this weekend when i get my p4 2.4ghz :)


lucky for you ddr is cheap. im currently using rumbus rams (pc-800) and wanting to upgrade but i dont see these ram price dropping at all. dunnno why rumbus is so expensive, plus these have been around pretty long already


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get more ram as much as u can afford while the price is down, its predicted that its going to be headed back up at the end of march, so in a few weeks :(

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u r going 2 notice huge differances in performance from two hundred and fifty six mbs 2 five hundred and twelve mbs, but after that, you will almost surely notice no diff at all.

save your money after 512


You could try putting the ram in the white slots, just remember to have a camera ready and post some pics here when you're done. Muhahahahaha. :p
prodj88: I am assuming you are running XP. In case you are not, and you happen to be running ME or 9x you need to be aware that they will not recognize anything over 512.

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