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Do You Leave Your System On for days?


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WindowsXP [uptime] 4days 12hrs 45mins 42secs [record uptime] 4days 12hrs 45mins 43secs on Nov 30 2002

xsivforce has me beat by about 4 weeks lol


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Posted by Jewelzz
WindowsXP [uptime] 4days 12hrs 45mins 42secs [record uptime] 4days 12hrs 45mins 43secs on Nov 30 2002

xsivforce has me beat by about 4 weeks lol
Currently: WindowsXP [uptime] 5wks 1day 23hrs 1min 39secs [record uptime] 5wks 1day 23hrs 1min 40secs on Nov 30 2002
I wonder where I could get a utility that records record uptime :)

I'm pretty sure the most I ran it straight on for; is about 2 weeks or so.

I have a question to all; how healthy is leaving it on for long periods of time?

I have 9 case fans and a total of 11 in all I believe. Volcano 9 running at max speed :D


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no affect whatsoever. look at servers across the world (including this one); they stay online for months straight without being rebooted. one of my servers has been online for 120 straight days without a reboot (and that's nothing).


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Nick, it would work fine. Probably less strain if anything.

U2Penn, various programs provide this such as Norton Utilities (System Doctor), CoolMon, Samurize, among many others. To use Microsoft's built in tool, simply run CMD and type 'systeminfo.exe'
stays on 24/7 here...
Curent Uptime: 5wks 4days 7hrs 12mins 33secs
Best Uptime: 9wks 3days 2hrs 11mins 29secs

my local server has the longest uptime in the house... done well over 3 months now... best is just over 5 months :D


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you put me to shame ive got to turn my computer off every night cuz parents dont want me wasting electric that they pay for Tehe:D but ill leave it on for downloads but see my computers in my room and its like a bloody concorde at night
have you every noticed that your pc always seems louder at night *Weird*

i got a winner in the category for PC at work they use a computer to control the sprinkler systems its been on for like 3 years
i can hear that the fans are beginning to die and its got burn marks on the screen the amount of times ive been tempted to hit that power button i might do it on my last day tehe

but now im gonna put it into a doze stand-by mode and beat you buggers i gotta be good at something


My laptop's sitting at about 3 days - but it gets hibernated for about 10 hours while I sleep, and it still ticks over whilst it' hibernated.

My Unix server (Sun SPARC5 turbo ;)) it sitting at about 8-9 months, but my friend's Unix machine is faduken 543 days!!!

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