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Do You have a SLI system?? <I need your help>

Hello, I am looking for people who have built a SLI system themselvesfrom scratch. I finally got everything I need to get it built

A8N-SLI Deluxe
2x Geforce 6800GT
AMD 64 3500+
1GB Kingston PC3200 400mhz ram
PC Power & Cooling 520 SLI powersupply

I need to know what you did to get your SLI system up and running inlamens terms. I need step by step instructions :( . I know whatparts go where and where to hook everything I think. MOstly I need toknow what you did after you got everything hooked up and went to bootup for the first time. Did you change anything in bios first? INstallwindows then add SP2 and the drivers?? What were the first things youdid after you put everything togeather and first booted her up. I hearsome people have problems and I want to know from someone who has theirSLI working what they did to get it to work right. Thanks guys


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I dont have SLi, but I have read you install windows like normal pretend its a single card system. Then once you get all your drivers and such installed like normal go into your bios and changed it to SLi mode. Then when you reboot windows (the Nvidia drivers) will automaticly configure it for you.

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