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Do you have a job?

Well, do you?

I hear that recently, a bunch of people have been unemployed.

Henyman started a thread about the worst part of your job, so, I say

The worst part of my job is not having one.

If you have one, what do you do?


I may actually be insane.
Nope, finished college last year and no-one wants to hire me because i havent had like 8 years of experience and dont have 62 A-grade qualifications. its all a pain in the ass :mad:


OSNN Godlike Veteran

I'm being laid off (made redundent, I think that's the UK term) at the end of May. I was lucky enough to get hired on with the company that is out sourcing my department. Unfortunately that means I have to move to another state *shrug*


The Analog Kid

I feel for ya. I'm in the same boat. I just took a job managing a McDonalds so I could pay the bills.

Jewelzz, you could always come up my way...


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Automotive Technician/Forman *fix cars**grease monkey*. :p Mainly Electrical and Computer Control Systems and Drivability problems... Plus anything else on or in the cars/trucks that can get me greasy and dirty. :p :happy:

And I enjoy the Sh!t outta my job. :cool:


eh my job rules video store clerk here but basicly its just like the movie clerks lol all cept i dont have jay and silent bob kickin it in front of the store :( oh well maybe i can hire sombody with my kick ass pay......lol oh yeah nevermind
i used to work at a nursing home full of OAP's :D

Then i used to work at a place called Bytecraft which was a really cool computer store where i was able to fix up computers :D (at aged 15!!!) :happy:

Now i work at a Horse Race Course :p

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