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If you want google as your Search engine in Internet Explorer. Here is a cool reg hack to add it...

Run the Registry Editor.
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main.
Find "Search Bar" and double-click to modify it.
Change the value to "".
Click OK.

Easy Way Download this

tyvm... I've been trying to install the google search bar but it won't for some reason. I just merged this google.reg file and thar she blows (not the bar, but the engine in my search window). ;) :D
Glad it worked, I like it much better the the search bar!!
Google is fast, and you can find just about anything with it. I kinda wish I could get the toolbar to work. Do you know of any issues why it wouldn't load for me? I have XP on my 'D:' partition, with 2k on 'C:' Do you think that could be an issue?
I don't know, lol. I haven't booted to my 2k installation in a while. I'm just assuming that it will... it's a pretty basic installation... no frills (2k that is). I only have it there to 'rescue' my data if/when i manage to crash XP. :eek:
Yeah, been there done that. I guess I'll have to email google and ask that question... if it matters what drive/partition my OS is on. Thx.
I just cranked up 2k and the installation went in first try. I 'think' it has to do with XP being on D:\. I emailed Google to ask... maybe there's a registry tweak or something that they'll have me do :confused: We'll see.

BUT, thx to you, I don't have to go to anymore... It's now my search engine :D
I don't think it worked for me. This is for that Search button in Internet Explorer right?

It still searches msn...

Try a Restart sometimes it doesnt work right away..Thats what a friend of mine did and it worked.:D
Wow, I actually got an answer back from google. My message to them:

"I have WinXP installed on my D: partition and Win2k installed on my primary (C:\) partition... is this the reason why the toolbar won't install correctly in XP? I've tried the download install (and over the net) numerous times... no joy. Thx for your help."

Their reply:

"We are aware that Windows XP has some compatibility issues with the Google Toolbar and we are working to solve the problem. Please stay tuned to the developments of the toolbar and other Google news by subscribing to our Friends e-mail at: .

The Google Team"

I'll pass on the spam, er, newsletter. At least now I know it's not unique to my setup.
Why don’t you just go to Change Preferences then Change Internet Search Behaviour and link it to Google? It gives you a choice of all these other search engines too!

Or is this only available after you apply the registry tweak, cause I did this after I applied that registry file…
Yes you need the hack never I got it to work this
before the hack...I love to search in a seperate panel so so I dont have to kepp clicking back and forth.

Got to love Google!
Didnt work, i changed all search things in the registry lol

Can u explain exactly how?:confused:
Google Toolbar

I actually got it to work OK on my system LonMan and I have a very simlar setup. Win2k on C:\ and WinXP on D:\. Same drive, two different partitions. What is strange is a week ago I tried it and nothing would happen after I hit the install button. Now this week i saw this post and thought I'd try it again and now it works, but there are problems. I customize my IE toolbar by removing a few of the buttons and such so I can fit the toolbars next to each other. Well after the toolbar installs initially it is fine. I can customize the IE toolbars and move them around where I want them and remove unused buttons, but, the next time I start IE, the goolge bar has moved back to its original spot and the buttons have returned (the IE ones) that I removed. What is worse is that the "Customize" option one usually gets when you right click on an IE toolbar button is gone. The other options like which toolbars you want and "lock Toolbars" is there, but the customize disappears. However, uninstalling google toolbar does restore things to previous config. I hope that these are some of the issues that they say are happening with XP that they are addressing.

Wierd. It will install ok, I can even go to add/remove in control panel to remove it, but it won't show up anywhere in IE. It installs, sends a little message to google, and I'm immediately redirected to a page telling me it's not working... blah blah. I have no options in view> toolbars at all. I don't have a clue.
One other thing

I forgot to mention that I have been installing it without the "additional features". I don't know if that could make a difference.

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