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do i have to open computer


Dabba Dooba
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hey my friend has a computer he bougth 2 years ago and he needs ram and were goin to get some this weekend but i need to know what kind it is i would think it is most likely a ddr but not sure is there anywhere i can find out on the computer

and also does it matter what company it is that made it


I think if you click on the Crucial link at the top of the page (as you are supposed to do everytime you come to this forum - new forum rule?) you will find a place where you can enter the manufacturer of the computer and the model number and find out what you need - or something like that - I click all the time - but don't often look anything up!!!

Anyway, now is an excellent chance to "support Crucial" who really deserves our help!

The preceeding has been an unpaid, unpolitical announcement!:D :D :D


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Absolutly... click on the *CRUCIAL* banner :happy:

But the best way to know what type of RAM it meeds is to open the Mother Board User/Owners Manual and look under *Memory*.
That will tell you what type of RAM and how much can be installed. It will/should tell you also it what way it should be installed, ie... what slot and or what slot if combined with other RAM sticks. :cool:
fox, if you're going to install the memory, then open the pc up and use a flashlight to see if the module(s) in are marked with a sticker. most do and it will say on it what kind of memory is in there now. then go from there.


Dabba Dooba
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i know that but dont computers from the store have all that stuff to block u from looking at anything inside it its a sony computer


If your manual doesn't give you the required information (btw don't always trust the papers that come with a computer. Some manufacturer change their computers more frequently than their handbooks) or you can't remember where your screwdriver is, programs like SiSoft Sandra or the one posted by dealer yesterday AIDA32 will give you information about type and manufacturer of installed ram.

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