DO i have to format??

I am about to change from a asus a7v333 to a a7n8delux,i normally format when i change mbo's,but ive been told there is two files in winxp pro that if you delete them to dont have to format.Is this true?Or not.If i have to format then so be it,but i was just wondering if there was any truth in this.Many thanks


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The problem with NOT formatting the HD is that you'll be left with all the junk in the registry and the old device drivers that aren't needed. I agree that Windows CP will do the necessary updates for the new hardware found.


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You probably have to reinstall the OS, however you only need to perform a recovery install of system files, not a complete reinstall. All your personal settings, programs, and documents will be let intact.



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Back up your data first though. Changing chipset brands gets a little risky. Changing MB within the via family is a peice of cake.

I had a lot of hassle moving an old HD from VIA to SIS.


Re: format

Originally posted by kingsam
Thanks jjb how do i perform a recovery reinstall then.
Its a 2nd option repair install.

When you 1st start the install it will ask if you want to do a repair or an install. Choose install.

The 2nd time it asks if you want to do a repair or install, choose repair. And choose to "keep current file system".

Watch closely and you should be ok. :)
do i need to format

Thanks for all the advice,tryed last night but xp,was having none of it...all sorts of formatted anyway,but thanks again for all the advice.:)

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