Do computers only use 10% of their brain too!?

Do you think computers only use 10% of their brain too!?

  • Yes, I'd say thats about right!

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  • No way man, I think ur way off!!!

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Jan 16, 2004
This thought came across me when I thought about my computer as being a $2000 (CAD) music player & game console!!! Now I do use my computer for more then JUST that, much like alot of us, BUT when you try to think of the amount of crap that a computer IS & CAN be used for as opposed to the average home user, I would think the percentage is alot like humans which is close to 10% (or so were told) What do you think!? :cool:


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Apr 12, 2002
my average is less but thats why it automatically runs underclocked till required...

only time I need 100% is for gaming or large code compiles and the like..


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Jun 17, 2003
It's all down to the processor really. If you think about it, if 1 clock cycle means the process of 1 instruction, then the machine will be processing 3200000000 pieces of instruction every second (3.2GHz). May have left a few zeros out. :p
Anyway, 10% utilisation on a processor like that is A LOT of processing already.
Nov 9, 2002
also, that thing about humans using only 10% of thier brains, its bull. it was made up for some ad campaign or something, and somehow filtered into common belief.


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Dec 5, 2002
Human use more than 10% of their brains, but to use a computer analogy, how much work (utilization) do we use? I don't think that we really use our brains to there full potential, and we can find many instances of that. Some people have the ability to instantly memorize things by just looking at them once (photographic memory), speed reading with full conprehention of the text, and if you belive in it, ESP reguardless the level. Some people have these abilities and others don't. Some, like speed reading can be learned while others like photographic memory seem to be something that you are born with and not something you can train your mind to do.

One of my favorites that I am able to do to a small percentage is I can heal cuts and such that I get by focusing my mind on healing it. No, not the dame day or while you watch, but I have found that by concentrating on the cut, everyday before I goto bed for instance I reduce the time it takes to heal the cut. I even got rid of a wart I once had on my finger this way after all the OTC treatments fialed and I thought I would have to have it frozen off.

So I really think that we can use our brains for much more than we do. And I really hope we don't use 100% of our brains, otherwise were screwed on the possibility that we can become more than we currently are.

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