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DNS server isn't working as gateway


OSNN One Post Wonder
the problem is as follows:
when I gateway IP is router IP I have no problems with Internet access, but if gateway IP is DNS IP I have no internet access at all.
Does anybody know where the problem is?
Thank you in advance
gateway ip should always be ip of router
dns server is just that, not a router :D you set windows to use the router as gateay and in the dns section you add the dns ips.
your router is your gateway, your dns server is your dns server, exactly what is it you are trying to do by setting the gateway ip to the dns server??


OSNN One Post Wonder
let me explain what I need. I'm going to install ISA on my DC, unfortunately have no separate machine for that. All PCs have external IP addresses at the moment, so they can see router. But when I put all the PCs into the privete internal network, I'll have to set DC-ISA server IP as gateway IP.
Or am I wrong?
ah well why didnt you say so.

Okay. plug another lan adapter into your DC. install ISA.

Plug one nic into the router. plug the other into a switch. assign that one an internal IP, plug allyour pcs into said switch and assign them internal ip's.

Configure ISA to do NAT or whatever, point yous workstationsa t the dc pc as gateway, carry on as normal.

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