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DNS issues with Xfinity Wireless(?)


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I picked up a used Acer netbook for $45 to use for taking notes in class, and can't get the dern thing to connect with the internet on my home wireless network (Comcast/Xfinity). It has Windows XP, and I am able to get a network connection -- in fact it was able to down load Windows updates -- but when I try to get onto the internet via Chrome, I get a message that there are DNS issues.

I tried online chatting with Comcast tech support and they basically said they don't speak Acer. I then tried calling Comcast, which (surprise!) was no help at all -- unless I wanted to sign up for a $15 a month tech support contract with a $39 activation fee.

So I started digging around myself online for answers. When I first started, I couldn't even get a full network connection: it kept on saying it was acquiring a network address, and never would.

So I went into the TCP/IP protocol properties for the wireless network and manually input all of the IP address, subnet, preferrered DNS server etc. (by accessing the router data from my desktop), which got me to the current full connection that doesn't quite connect.

Also tried going to OpenDNS.com and creating a new network on my router, but that didn't work either.

I should also note, that it has no problem connecting to the internet elsewhere. It works fine with the college network. It just doesn't want to connect here at home.

Once again, I find myself bowing (groveling actually...) to the expertise of my OSNN gurus. Any enlightment you can offer would be extremely helpful. Did I mention I might even offer chocolate to the first one who solves it for me?

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Comcast does not have wireless.

If you are having wireless issues then this would be at the router level not Comcast.

Could also be the browser so try another one.


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Problem solved! I went into the router and changed the authentication from WPA2-PSK to WPA-PSK. Instant access granted.


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What it sounds like is that your laptop isn't compatible with one of the security settings, but is with the other.

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