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I recently encountered a problem with both my CD and CDRW.. I found that they would not work properly in DMA mode.. after changing them to PIO mode they work fine but I assume there is a substantial performance hit..

I am wondeirng why this problem exists on my machine and others that have experienced this problem.. here's my specs:

AMD 1.2
512MB PC133
Tyan Trinity KT-A
SB Live 5.1
ATI R8500 64MB
LG8522 CDROM (52x)
LG8320 CDRW (32x)
Quantum Atlantis 40GB
XP Pro w/SP1 and all relevant updates

Anyone have some ideas on how to get these ROMs working in DMA mode?


Well to figure that out we would need to know what happend that caused you to switch to PIO.

Lots of things can go wrong so a little more info would be helpfull.


thanks for the reply Luna..

not sure what extra info I can provide.. I updated to XP SP1 and soon after I found I couldn't get through a full burn.. I figured my CDRW was screwed and planned on replacing it.. that's when I ran into problems installing UT2003 and found the answer to use PIO mode at the Infrogrames forum..

I was wondeirng if others have run into this and if there's some things I can do in ways of tweaks or what have you to get both running properly in DMA mode..


First, have you updated your firmware to the latest version ?

This could really be a lot of things. DMA causes problems in both the CD-Rom drive and the CD-RW right ?

Also, are the drives set up for DMA in your BIOS ?

As I don't really know much about DMA problems, I would tell you to check out the forums at www.cdrinfo.com.

They answer tons of questions about DMA / PIO, and any other CD-RW question you might have.

Also, what problems are you getting when DMA is turned on ? Was it just those that you mentioned ? I can't help much, but be sure to tell them all the problems you are having.

I am guessing it is a driver problem. You should try and update your IDE/ATA drivers from your motherboards web page. Also, if you can find a BIOS update you should install that, along with the latest firmware for your CD-RW drive.


Hi Luna, thanks again for your help..

I have finally fixed this problem.. I had to "downdate" my via drivers from v4.43 to 4.33.. I may be able to use other versions but 4.33 was chosen and it works so I'll leave well enough alone..

I have noticed a considerable overall system speed increase with 4.33 as well.. I haven't done much with motherboard drivers before but I know how much of a difference they can make..

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