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Dlp Vs Lcd Vs Plasma?


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i like plasma, i think they are much more sharper then dlp and lcds, but this is just my opp. Lots of people wil tell you to get the dlp best price and nice picture quality. If you get one get a 1080 one.

i have a 42 inch plasma 1080 at my place. and hd cable.. so look really nice.


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740p is only ED. !080p is the ultimate right now, but I haven't kept up with the price points of the new sets.

On the whole it depends on the size you want to get. LCD is cheaper until you hit about 37" after that it would be Plasma. DLP is cheaper than both for the size and weight. You would have to check it out, though.

DLP sets are very nice, includeing some of the LED sets, very nice picture quality.

Just checked your link... very nice set, with two hdmi ports (nice!!)looks verry, verry good.


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are plasmas any good for gaming, in fact are any of them, i'll be playing my wii and probably my pc games on the screen.... any thoughts?

EDIT: ok i really need help, i have chosen two tv's but i don't know which one to get... please help

http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-HL-S5...000F2R5HO/ref=pd_ybh_a_11/102-1732631-5048119 50" hdtv dlp $1550 (does this have and atsc tuner?)


http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000ELOQS2/ref=ord_cart_shr/102-1732631-5048119?%5Fencoding=UTF8&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&v=glance 40" hdtv lcd, $1299
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If i remember correctly, plasmas tend to have a faster response rate than lcds. however, there are some lcds with 8ms response rate. good for gaming and movies.

secondly, there aren't many 1080 tvs around from what i've seen. most the of tvs we sell are still 768 resolution.


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I would go for LCD over plasma based on the models I have seen. Plasma seems to have too many problems from what I've heard, more specifically with the sound lag issue. Having said that, there's not much in it at all really, and a good quality plasma would be excellent I'm sure. I think you are much better off comparing the quality of each TV rather than the technology behind it. A good LCD is way better than a poor quality plasma, but equally a good plasma is way better than a poor quality LCD.

As far as those two are concerned, I would go for the 50" DLP as it seems a better spec all round, though I'm don't know much about DLP technology.


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I've done a lot of research on TVs, and worked at two places that sold them, and I am heavily in favor of DLP, and I love the Samsung that you're looking at.

One of the biggest advantages of DLP is they don't suffer from burn-in, so if you're watching a news channel, or playing video games with static images, you'll be fine. My in-laws have a 60" Mitsubishi LCD -- awesome picture quality, but they have a fuzzy image burned-in to the lower left corner of the screen. It's only obvious on lighter backgrounds, but still, it's there.

The only disadvantages of DLP is that you can't easily mount them on a wall (as previously stated) and that you have to change out the lamp (bulb) on occassion (probably years).

Definitely go with a 1080P set if you don't decide on the Samsung. I don't see any reason to put that kind of money into a television that doesn't get you the latest technology. That Samsung is an awesome TV and it's my recommendation. :)


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DLP is garbage ..and an excuse for someone to spend less money for a HDTV. LCD picture quality really isnt even in the same ballpark as a good plasma. Yes you can game on Plasmas ..provided you have a good one ... like a Pioneer. I play PS3 and Xbox360 for hours and hours on my Elite 1080p Plasma.

Don't get suckered into the 1080p craze ... its a marketing gimmick. The only thing you will get 1080p on is PS3 ... Blue-Ray ..and HD DVD ... dont expect broadcasts, cable, or Satellite to be showing 1080p in the next 10 years... unless you have fiber optical to your home ... it simply takes too much bandwidth for the existing networks to handle.

Any of the pioneer branded plasmas are wonderful.


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wow train you must be really rich.....

... for me i just need a good tv to occasionally play my wii on and watch movies and some tv.... plasmas DO have burn in, even on regular tv channels and i'm not going to take the chance, not sure what you base your "DLP is garbage ..and an excuse for someone to spend less money for a HDTV" line comes from, some backup facts would be great....

and yes i know i am a bum for wanting to spend less for more....


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Sorry, meant to specify the Samsung DLP there.

trainmaster77, can you post some reasons you think DLP is garbage? I'm interested in why you think so. I assume you're referring to the Pioneer Elite series when you talk about Plasma. Those are excellent TVs, but the price isn't geared towards the average consumer.

As for 1080P, assuming that the HD-DVD/Blu-ray battle is resolved eventually, wouldn't you want the option to buy high-definition discs and play them at their best quality? With the prices of 1080P sets finally dropping, I don't see any reason not to get one if you can afford it. Push back that obsolescence as much as possible.


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hi golddome.. welcome to the forum.

Generally don't like to ressurect older threads, but we'll give lancer a chance to respond..
You folks should take a look at Sony's SXRD stuff. Their SXRD rear projection TV's are offering plasma-beating pictures at a much lower cost than plasmas :)

I saw a 55" Sony SXRD at £1000(ex vat) looking better than a Samsung 60" plasma at £5000 (inc vat)


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My in-laws have a 60" Mitsubishi LCD -- awesome picture quality, but they have a fuzzy image burned-in to the lower left corner of the screen. It's only obvious on lighter backgrounds, but still, it's there.
Not correct...

They MAY have an LCD PROJECTION screen... or perhaps a plasma it is NOT however an LCD... LCD do not get burn-in, they can get ghost images which can be removed, although over all color and brightness are diminished when you do so..

The largest commercially available high-end LCD (Top technical specifications for contrast, resolution etc..) at the moment is the NEC 57" LCD5710

EDIT2: There is one other LCD Screen LARGER than 57" which WAS available for early this year, but its sales were down, and is hard to find:
LC-65D90U an LCD by Sharp, and when I last looked there were a total of 5 available in the entire US...

However, the are VERY EXPENSIVE... 11k through government procurement.

DLP is the best bang for the buck, although personally I would choose the largest plasma you could afford simply because the colors are ALOT brighter... although as for your comment:

plasmas DO have burn in, even on regular tv channels and i'm not going to take the chance,
That USED to be true, if you turn on the TV and walk away for hours then this is something you MIGHT need to worry about but as a general rule, unless you have a stationary picture, you will not have to worry about it...

I am a network engineer by trade, but in my engineering shop, we have been tasked with engineering all aspects of Audio Visual and Teleconferencing for MacDill AFB mostly in support of CENTCOM.

I dont know if any of you watch what happens in the major military commands; however, the last major project we did turned out fabulous: the CENTCOM J2 conference room was over hauled to upgrade for the new incoming comander: Admiral Fallon.

It turned out abosultely amazing... I will pull some before and after pics and you tell me... :D

Just my $.02...

Mike A!
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