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.dll on java application in linux(mandrake) platform???



i'm trying to run my chatapplication( code in java language) which includes dll file. i've no problem running it on windows, but i received a warning message says" cannot load client.dll".

btw, is dll file supported/runnable on linux platform?
can anyone tell me what happen & how to solve it?

thanks in advance.
The .dll has to be compiled for Linux anyway. You can't just use a Windows dll. Normally they aren't called .dll either on Linux afaik.


u mean in windows my dll file might b in .dll form, while in linux it might exist / need to be transform in to other format; other than .dll???
how can i do so? & wat should i concentrate on?
thanks again.
Ok, let's do this from the beginning.

- The binary format of Windows and Linux is completely different. A binary compiled on one cannot be run on the other.

- Windows uses .dll's. Linux can use .dll's if they are compiled for Linux. Furthermore the externsion .dll doesn't matter in Linux. It doesn't rely on extensions to identify files. So it doesn't have to be called .dll.

So in order to use this .dll, you'll have to compile the source code for it with a Linux compiler on Linux.

If you wonder "well I can run my Java files on both" it's because the Java compiler doesn't make a binary as such. Just a intermediary file interpreted by the Virtual Machine installed in each system.

Any clearer?


how to compile .dll on linux?

hi thanks for replying my message. i'm getting clearer on it.
however, i stil got doubts on how to compile it on linux?
u mean the linux compiler is such as my java compiler which i've installed on linux?

thanks again.:)

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