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DLL Call Crash and Window Explorer Closes


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Hi. I am trying to install a software and it crashes and shows that a DLL called for the crash and the same time my window explorer window closes. What could be wrong? thanks. :(


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Could use some more info. What's the software and what's the exact error? Also, your version of Windows could help, too.


OSNN Senior Addict
the full code is :

"Error Number: 0x80040707
Description: DLL Function Call Crashed: PbkInstall._GetBookNames
Setup will terminate "

I hope this helps. :(


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Do you happen to have Outlook 2003 installed? Did a quick google search and seems to be the cause .. why I don't know. :p

*edit* - I have no idea if this works but from reading you can hit ctr-alt-del when you get the error message (without hitting ok) and look for setup.exe and kill that. Then you should be able to upgrade the app. Again I have no idea but you could try it. :p


OSNN Senior Addict
yes, i have office 2003 installed. i don't use google search engine :)

i'll try the ctrl-alt-del function then. thanks.


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I had retried downloading the file again but the same problem. since it is a rar file and tried to open it with winace the problem still existed. i will try to open it with winrar and repair the file, then try to install it again. thanks again.

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