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dlink bluetooth


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i have just installed the d-link dbt-120 but i get the driver software to install but not see the device. i have just installed sp2 and i know it works without sp2. any ideas


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make sure ure not using windows sp2 bluetooth drivers they are sooo horrible, i made the mistake and anytime i try to install the msi drivers for mine it works but then wheni plug in my bluetooth it is the microsoft stack that pops up first so the msi (wildcom) cant detect it. and i cant remove the windows drives permenantly, so ill wait till i format the laptop and make sure i never isntall the sp2 drivers again,


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thats what i tried to do but it just keeps detecting it and automatically installing them, i dont know where it hides the drivers to keep for future reference, maybe someone in here can tell us, i tried deleting all the files and the backups and it still put the windows drivers back


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yeah i think that should be the best way to install them, cuz i noticed that the microsoft one was gone at the bottom of the pdf, which is the best way imo

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