Dlink 614+ Revision B

Daeron Tinúviel

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8 Jan 2004
anyone has this router???

i'm having issues with it every 3 or 4 days router sort of shutdown,let me explain:

you see i'm browsing suddenly net conecction disappear when i check router doesnt have modem ip's its just:

i can disconnected from power, reboot it and stays the same........yesterday i was like 1 -2 hours without browsing cause router do not get the ip from the modem.

i have latest firmware.......cable modem is workin ok, cause if i plug it directly to the pc pc gets the ip and internet works fine........i'm really tire of everytime it happens resseting the router or just wait till the ******* gets online again...any suggestion???

i email dlink but their incredible response was to reset the router and thats the thing i dont wanna do everytime it happens.....also i havebeen calling to dlink phone support and is always busy, i even try calling at 2AM and still busy!!!!!
lol i had that issue once with dlink router i would randomally lose intenet
but my dsl would still be up
so it was under warrenty so what i did was plugged a diff power cord into it (gave it more volts then it was supposed to) and it smoked up and then i called and got a new one free lol it took a few weeks but i didnt havea problem since then i dont think i have the 614 tho but if dlink wont help u? make them help you.. DO THIS AT LAST RESORT im sure there is a solution :) i hope good luck
Maybe it's overheating?
Is it excessively hot to the touch when this happens?
My router has a built in fan to cool it. It's barely audible especially with my rig on,
but if everything else is quiet, I can hear it.
Did you notice yours becoming quieter around the time this all began?

no its not even hot

it has warranty but since dlink isnt answering my phonecalls.........i bouth it at compusa, and the thing with them is that they only offer 14 days after that i cant return it.....router only has a month and a half :(i'm really annoy
Dunno if the location's relevant to where you're based, but have you tried asking them
for tech-support via the web?
D-Link Tech Support
If the location's wrong, you can request international support here
yeah i try.....they told me to reset the router.....and since them i havent heard form them.....i email them back.....still waiting.......

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