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DK 2 Help a blonde!


OSNN One Post Wonder
[FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif] Hi!
I know you guys probably heard this a thousand times and wel please bear with me. I'm REALLY blond..

Anyways, I installed Dugeon Keeper 2, and it simply wont star up..
I got a new video card recently.. I think thats what the problem is.. problme is I dont know how to tweek it around..
I installed ALL the known patches for this game but it smply just doesnt start. It opens the start up menu (the one that have play,install, reinstall ect..ect..) and I push play.. It shows a black screen after gpoes back to windows...
Anyone would now what to do...I gogled this but its for everyone under Win XP...and even then for them the game starts up..

I have win 2000..thank you for your help!


OSNN One Post Wonder
Okay I have Win 2000 Service pack 4
AMD atlon 1.2 gh
radeon 9550 AGP
For sound
c-media wave service

And its after I installed the grah crd that the game wouldnt work...
I played thisgame before on this running system and it worked fine with sound and all...

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