>>>DivX Supported by WMP?<<<




I'm looking in to the support of WMP8 en DivX
and I found out that there is no support for this moment !
I tried many ways, many codecs,
but it all comes to this:

WMP does not play the DivX movies corectly.
(no video, no sound or there is nothing at all,
or bad sound quality, shaking video, no sync)
There are a lot of people that have problems with it!
((found it out on other forums) )

For me I found out that without the MS MP3 add-on the movies play fine, but that does not fix it for me. (no sound!)
(note: all my movies are checked to play on win98SE, an they are of great quality there! And my hardware is capable of playing)

codecs: 3.11, 4.01 /4.02 /4.12
misc packs as the (-----) Nimo Pack
wouldn't fix the problem. It all seems to be that it's unable to combine the codecs with WMP.

Is there someone who looked in to this....?

Why so :mad: ... because it's taking a lot of my and other peoples time to fix it (or find a fix on the net).
Originally posted by XPect
I gues MS has to fix this issue...

Oooh no they won't! Count on it.
DivX works in my XP so if you uninstall the codecs and reinstall them in the right order it could work. Have your tried another (better) player?
The Divx installer will only install the required codecs and register them so it should (and in my case) does, work perfectly with Xp.

Remeber Divx are AVI files encoded with teh divx codec.

Competely remove divx and install 4.12 and tell teh installer that you want to use it to play all Divx encoded content (3.x and 4.x)

I have a question for you:

Are your computers upgraded from a previous OS like 2K,
NT, 98 or do they have a clean installation of XP?

I’m using Pro build 2600 version upgraded from a 98SE machine.

The above didn't work for me, but thanks anyway. :)

Some divx movies don't seem to play in WMP8. I get audio but no video (just visualization). It's not quite the same as your problem, but you could try loading the movies up in Media Player 6.4 (mplayer2.exe in the run box) or in the Playa, if you have that installed with your divx codecs.
Can a CLEAN reinstallation of my UPGRADED computer (98SE-XP) fix the problem?

I now that there are issues on playing DivX on certain XP machines.

My previous OS was Win98SE. I’m now running an Athlon 1Ghz, 320MB, Voodoo3 PCI, Creative PCI64 <b>upgraded</b> to XP build 2600 with several service packs (Windows Update). Including the voodoo drivers (MS) has provided trough the computers Windows Update.

I’ve tried various installations 3.11, reinstalled by 4.01, 4.02, 4.11 4.12 and separate installations of all the codecs. Even tried codec removal of the system by hand and reinstallation again, no success.

The Playa plays the DivX movies but I can’t zap trough the movie with the slider, it will hang’em up. And the music is not as it should be, I hear a lot of static which I do not hear in WMP or some other players. I checked my sound controls and they seem to be rightly adjusted.

They happened to make different problems like: no audio, no video playing, bad a/v sync.
Installing the MP3 package for higher bit rate support had the result of stuttering audio. Video goes into stuttering too.
So I uninstalled it and the video goes well? but it comes with no sound at all. I've tried various DivX movies 3.11 4.x encoded.

I've tried the Media Player 6.4, sorry no results here.

At this moment it all stutters.

I have a question for you:

Are your computers upgraded from a previous OS like 2K,
NT, 98 or do they have a clean installation of XP?
I asked this for final reasons, maybe my previous OS has left some bugs?!
should I do a “clean” XP installation on my computer? What codec should I install, the 4.12bundle should be fine not?

What the hack, I’ll do it and tell ya what the results where!
but first I've to burn some dics ;)

Gr33Tz XPect
Well I'm online again :) installed all my necessary software.

DivX Plays well after a clean install and the 4.12 codecs installed on it.

The MP3 support has now influence at all on the playback of the
DivX Movies.

Media Player plays very well.

I guess there was software conflicting either from my previous 98SE system or due to too much codecs on my system (installed / uninstalled)

The clean installation of XP Pro and a clean install of the 4.12 codecs fixed it all,
And now I’m happy again.

Remember: I don’t say this is a fix (reinstalling XP;) ) but it worked for me after 1.5 months…so I’m :)!

Thanks for the support anyway.

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