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Divx problem



Whats goin on everybody!

Ive got this issue with Divx which i experienced before on win 2000 and now is happening on win xp , when you load the movie media player will display the movie duration, lets say 3 mins, it will play for the three minutes and stop at the end, pretty normal right? the problem is considering the size of the file it dosent make sense that a movie should be that short (im talkin triple digit mb here) , now heres the interesting part if you scroll throught the movie ie if you point to specific point on the scroll bar you suddenly see a part of the movie you havent seen before and now it ends at a different point, i think this has something to do with people joinin up files of somethin, i dunno anyways like i said i used to have this prob on win 2000 on my laptop and on my win 98 desktop it wuold work fine with the 'true' time bieng displayed

And before anyone suggests it i have the divx codec and the tsunami filters

Thanx a bunch!:)


you could also try it in the old WMP 6.4 ....just open "run" put "mplayer2.exe" in hit enter!!

what about the "Nimo50Build7" pak...installing this may also help you out ..make sure its the 7 build as 8 has some probs with Directshow i hear


Thanks for the advice guys, ill try the other player and the Nimo50Build7, as for the older media player, ive tried that already since i prefer using it to the bulkier mp7, any other suggestions anybody?


Hi Moejoe,

sometimes DivX files have damaged headers which means that players cannot get the information they need about the length of the file etc.. If the header (which I believe is actually at the end of a DivX avi) is damaged or incorrect, you can get the sort of problems you're having.

You might want to try an app like DivFix ( http://www.divx-digest.com/software/divfix.html ) which can rebuild the header of the DivX file. This often does the trick.

Apparently it worked better with the earlier versions of DivX (before DivX 5), but it's still pretty effective - I've used it a few times on dodgy DivX files.

There's a warning somewhere in the documentation for this app that you should make a copy of the file and try 'fixing' the copy - just incase it makes things worse, not better!

' hope that helps.



Mcdruid thanx for the help[ , i am aware of divxfix , used it before and its a pretty cool app, the thing ive come to realise is that im playing divx/avis just fine, the prob is only occuring with mpegs , ive downloaded many different free players to chec if it was a wmp problem but they all do the same thing

Picture this guys, downloading a 120mb file that turns out to be like 3 mins of video, dosent make any sense right, as soon as i manually scroll im somewhere well beyond the 3 mins displayed by the player, so i know all the info is there but tis something with the encoding ive tried uninstalling divx but i still have the same prob



Is if DivX or MPEG? If it is an mpeg then it has nothing to do with DivX or any other AVI codecs so DivXFix will not help. You could try using VirtualDub to view the MPEG or to convert it to an AVI file compressed with the DivX codec. Otherwise try searching the web for some MPEG repair utilities. vcdhelp.com might be a place to start. Good Luck


Hi all,

Moejoe, I think dougmach is right - if the file you're having problems with is an mpeg, then it doesn't have anything to do with DivX (as DivX files are typically .avi format).

However, I still think it's likely to be a problem with the header of the file. There's a good utility called MPEG Corrector (which you can find in the tools section of www.vcdhelp.com ) that can fix the header on most MPEG files in the same way DivFix does for DivX avi's.

If that doesn't work, try using TMPGEnc (again go to tools on vcdhelp). Go to MPEG tools in the file menu of TMPGEnc and use it to split (de-multiplex) the audio from the video. Then join the two back together again (multiplex) with the MPEG tools. This should (hopefully!) create a new MPEG file with the header fixed.

If you can avoid it, I wouldn't convert the file to a different format (eg. using VirtualDub to change it to a DivX avi) as you're likely to reduce the quality if you re-encode.

' hope that helps,


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