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Divx or Xvid


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My AVI play back is slow, I select my "movie" and wmp loads and loads and loads. It can take almost a minute (49 seconds to be exact) to play the file. I have both codecs installed. Do I need them both? Can one do the work of both and will that help my speed issue?


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Do I need them both?
no, but unlikely this is the cause of the problem

my guess is you need a decent avi splitter, or better yet a decent player. either use media player classic or download haali's media splitter and make sure to enable avi support during installation


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What are you using to play them ?? if you do not already; you should get k-lite codec pack. That will play anything, and not give any probs ..


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I'm not a fan of the codec packs. I might give it a try if all else fails, but until then.

I uninstalled both xvid and divx and then just reinstalled one (xvid) of them, if anything I'd say it now loads even longer. I've got plenty of ram and a decent video card so it can't be that. I've got WMP10, it has NEVER given me a problem like this, I didn't like how resource hungry WMP11 beta was and I'm not desperate to try the final either. I'll try it if thats what it takes.
Assuming you're talking about AVI on your machine not streaming, because if you are streaming most AVI will buffer 30-60 seconds worth before they start playing to prevent drop outs.

So you installed wmp11 beta and then uninstalled it? That probably introduced the problem because if it plays at all it is not a codec issue.

I'd download and install VLC media player. If the avi movies load and run fine then your wmp install is trashed and you can uninstall VLC and start trying to heal the wmp installation.

If you can delete WMP 10 (I can't remember) do that and reinstall. If not this will sound nuts but... Install wmp 11 and then uninstall it. That may get windows to reload all the correct reg entries and files.


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can't say i agree with you on that, they are the cause of most codec problems

bouncing soul: download haali's media splitter
I never had a problem with it. I did when I was trying to manually install codecs and such. That is because I was putting the same thing in twice.

That isn't what you did, Bouncingsoul ??
Do keep in mind that VLC does not use your system codecs, it comes with its own bundle. So if VLC works and Media Classic doesnt it could be a problem with your codecs and not WMP.


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I'm not liking VLC. I don't like how when I try to jump ahead it goes way past where I clicked. I don't like how it opens everything in a new window. That being said it runs the avi's fast as hell. Of course when I tested the same files with WMP10 it loads them all just as fast suddenly. That just boggles the mind. I'll keep playing with it, if it acts up again I'll try WMP11 and the what not.

Thanks for the help.


Stranger Than Fiction
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I'm beginning to wonder if my windows install isn't just f*cked. I upgraded to wmp11 and its (somehow) even slower than 10. I just don't get it.

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