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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Electronic Punk, Mar 5, 2002.

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    Just thought I would point out that if you only use DivX to playback media then there is no need to download the professional version as the only differences are encoding properties.

    If you have downloaded the professional version from the site, then please note that this version does include spyware/adware. However, it is very easy to remove. Basically block it using your favorite firewall software.

    All the adware does is display adverts now and again while you are connected to the net - it does not send confidential information so please perform those stages on a a calm and orderly fashion.

    GAIN_TRICKLER_3102.EXE is the name of the adware software, if you are running it in your tasks then it is installed.

    The adware is there for a simple reason - licencing, divx decided that rather than charge 50 cents for every download that they would create three different versions, the pro unadvertised version costing £20 / $30

    As I do encode, I have purchased my copy as a sign of respect to the developers, tho not everyone will need to do this.

    Just thought I would clear that up!!
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    i don't encode too much, just convert a few files here and there, so i got the pro version and blocked the ads
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    Thanks for the heads up electronic punk