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Diversity in North America


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I am taking a class in university and one of the assignments is an Interview assignment. I have attacked this assignment in various ways, so far I have interview by mail, video and voice recorded. Then I had the idea, post it somewhere I trust, to people who would give honest answers. All questions are related to Culture and origin and for the purposes of this post I am primary looking for people who didn't always live in North America. Please keep it as professional as possible.

  1. Where are you originally from?
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. What does the term "culture" mean to you?
  4. Is culture important to your identity? Why or Why not?
  5. What struggles are encountered by by those who want to keep their culture as an important part of their lives?
  6. Can you describe a situation where you were reminded of the differences that exist between cultures.
  7. In your opinion, what should police or other criminal justice personnel, learn about your culture or diver cultures in general, in order to provide better service.
  8. What in general do you find different in North America? could be anything from markets to waste.
Anything else you might want to add would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much everyone in advanced. Also, if you would rather keep your responses private you can email them to me. I am taking responses for a day or 2.

Thanks again,
Living in NA now and not being from here is a show stopper. Living in Ft Worth I could give it to a few thousand illegals I bump inot every day but the original and the responses would be in spanish...

Message me if you get desperate and can use NA natives. I could write a very interesting response based on culture shocks relocating within the USA, not even having to be from outside the continent. Moving from Philadelphia to LA to Fort Worth was like visiting other planets. I was subjected to discrimination at work and in personal life just because of an East Coast accent, different work ethics and different ways of phrasing things. Scary.
Wouldn't have expected that. I don't get that having moved from England to Scotland.. ( Well beyond the friendly jabs anyway).

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