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ditto max professional drive

Does anyone know if this drive works with XP? I just found these drives at work in some forgotten room. I already surfed to the Iomega.com site, but there are no drivers available. I tried visiting the Hardware Compatibility List on http://www.microsoft.com/hcl but for some reason the MS site is unreachable. And erm.... erm.... erm.... does this drive also work on erm.... linux ? That's Linux for the 14" monitor users. I know, I know, this is a XP site and I shouldn't ask this question, but maybe, just maybe someone managed to let this drive work on Linux. But at first I want to know is this drive works on XP. Thanx in advance
I, too, have a Ditto Max drive...but there is no joy is Mudville. Iomega stopped producing drivers for that wonderful drive after Windows 98. Their website, and that of the subsequent owner of the Ditto Max line, states that it is not supported under Windows XP.

So, either take it back to work or reinstall Windows 98 as a dual boot. But, you might want to consider this. Why even bother with a slow tape drive anymore? Other than data which can easily fit on a CDRW, you really can't back up your entire system. Windows is too complicated for that anymore.

A backup hard drive is also a viable solution, since they're so cheap nowadays. You can get a 40 gig drive for around $70.00 US. Donate that old Ditto max to charity and take a tax writeoff. It's the only way to go.

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