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The first time I tryed Linux I installed "Redhat", which I believe is a Distro right? Well when I was in Redhat, I'm pretty sure I could log onto other ones or something, I wasent sure what they were, do you guys know what I am talking about, and if so what are they?
yes RedHat is a Linux Distro(bution)
How do you mean log onto "other ones" you mean other Distrobutions??
Are you refering to multiple desktop environments/window managers like Gnome, KDE, WindowMaker etc?
Yes yes, thats it. So those things are not other distros, what is the point of them, are they just like themes for Linux?
since pieces of linux are made by different people...windows managers come in many different flavors. Basically they are the foundation of the Graphical User Interface, and each one works differently, different code, and made by different developers
Not really themes, as such. They do look different from each other, but there are other differences as well. For example, KDE and Gnome come with different built-in software packages (like KDE's native text editor is KEdit, while Gnome's text editor is gEdit).
Certain Window Managers like WindowMaker or Fluxbox are designed with low resource usage as a key criterion, so you'll notice that they consume significantly less RAM as compared to KDE or Gnome.
The underlying code for one DE/WM is also completely different from the code for others, so you'll find them using different methods to do things (for example, KDE primarily uses the QT libraries, while Gnome uses GTK2)

You can have multiple desktop environments and window managers installed at the same time. What you end up choosing as your primary one for daily use depends on your personal preference, I suppose.

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