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I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
If your the only user then have no password and it should log you in. otherwise use somthing like TweakUI which an option to autologin an account
BMWCHUBB, do you mean you want to use the Win2k Ctrl+Alt+Del login and not the welcome screen.

If thats what you want to do then you need to be an administrator, then open Control Panel, then User Accounts.
Under Pick a Task... There will be an option to Change the way Users Log on and off. (its the third option)

Click this and untick the Welcome Screen.

Click OK and all is then sorted


OSNN Gamer
Get rid of welcome screen with autologon

1. click on "Start" - then click on "Run" - and type
"control userpasswords2"
2. click OK
3. On the Users tab, clear the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" check box and click "Apply".
4. A dialog will appear that asks you what user name and password should be used to logon automatically, just click "OK".
you could also use control userpasswords2 and click the Advanced Tab and then you can choose Secure logon, which is the Ctrl+Alt+Del logon process.

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