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I just installed a pci graphics card on this pos and it was using an on board ATI now after a few trys I got the new card installed,but this is my question There is in the hardware devices the ALI1451 pci to agp that I had to disable along with of course the display adapter (ATI) ...... in my direct x setup I no longer have AGP as a test its greyed out...... just direct draw and the 3D can be tested .......is this normal ...... the card is a tnt nvidia 16 mb velocity4400 ......... now if I want to lets say format and start fresh what stops windows from reinstalling that ALI chip? now that its running I kind of feel I would be better off with a clean install ,some games are not right (settings) any help on this I would appreciate?? Thanks in advance..........:(


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I just installed a pci graphics card on this pos...

You answered your own problem..

A PCI card Can't be AGP :), thats why there are PCI slots and AGP slots....it can't test or support AGP because you don't have an AGP card, hope that solves it for ya :)

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Hey Q yes I know but this is a step up for now I got my new 350watt case !!! I got my board 5 pci slots , 1 agp!!!! I got my RAM ........ I need my processor lolol see I am building a new machine ...... but yes I see now that the AGP controller needs to be disabled for now :0( but hey NHL2002 never looked better I had 4 mb hahahahahah now I have 16 on the velocity4400 with the new drivers from nvidia with the refresh rate fix installed thanks to you guys I grabbed them off the front page, so for now I am alot better off ........ just taking the time to purchase my parts for the new PUTER!!!! hey thanks just the same eh was kind of I knew the answer was not 100% sure deal ......... ;)

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