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display driver problem.

my display drivers wont install.

i just build a new computer for xmas, and im stuck in sh1tty 800x600 mode. i plugged my samsung syncmaster 152v monitor into the new pc and it simply wont install the drivers, wither from cd or interweb, saying there is a 'error code 259'

im working on my old video card, but it would display fine on my other bigass monitor. wutsup?
tried that, but it just reboots and installs the default display drivers. i can still use windows, but these drivers wont go past 800x600 on 16 colours.

if i get my new video card, would that fix it?
as i say, that doesnt work.

im getting my new graphics card asap anyway, ill come back and ***** if it fails after installing.

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