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Diskeeper Lite - Freeware


Got this info from WinXPNews E-zine and have submitted it on a "news email" - but thought it should go into the forum for quicker info. I have download it (9.77mb) but have not had time to try it ot.

Click here for Diskeeper Lite Freeware

Diskeeper Lite Freeware Version Available for Windows XP

Windows XP includes a disk defragger that helps speed up file access by bringing pieces of files closer together on the disk. I've heard it said that this is the same defragmentation application used by Diskeeper. If you've run Diskeeper and the built-in defragger, you might have noticed that the built-in version isn't very fast! It's actually a lot slower then the for pay version. Want a free version of Diskeeper that's a lot faster than the built-in version?
The built in version of defrag in XP uses the same interface as Diskkeeper. Both are MMC (Microsoft Management Console) modules. The Diskkeeper system is faster and also allows for SMART scheduling so it automatically detects how fragmented your filesystem is and defrags it for you at the lowest priority, I have been playing games while it was defraging and not noticed it, except when it was done as disk access was improved.


Thats because the Diskfragger used in xp was made by diskeeper - it's not that different, most of the time I run the defragg over night - so speed is not an issue for me as I don't want to sit around waiting for 80gig drive to bede-fragged.
I have used it - but found little value in it unless you have other than XP- but that is just my opinion :D

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