Diskeeper 7 problem



I have Diskeeper set up to run once a day, when it comes to the time I have set a box pops up saying that there is a problem with my disk and and Diskeeper cannot run, and to run chkdsk.
So I run chkdsk /f then run Diskeeper manually everything ok.
This has happened for the last 3 days. ANY IDEAS ?
I had that problem for a while myself... I don't know why, but it just cleared itself up. I forget what the disk error was, but it wasn't something really bad. Try giving it a few more days, or set Diskeeper to run more often... I have mine set at every 8 hours... it starts and gets done in about 30 seconds.


I fink the problem u guys are talking about is inconsistent file systems? that happens sumtimes.....dunno y tho....


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I had the same problem after I re-installed XP once. I did a quick format instead the long version. The error I got was regarding clusters on the disk being marked as used, when they were actually empty. CHKDSK /f fixed it, then I got it again about 3 weeks later. I don't think there is anything you can do to stop it.


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I had the same problem, but it only lasted a week or two. I have Diskeeper set to run every night and that never happens anymore, so it will probably stop doing that eventually.

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