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Disk type: Which is better for home use?


OSNN Advanced
Some of you may know about Basic Disk and Dynamic Disk. I'm wondering which of the two would be better for (A) an average home user, (B) advanced user, or (C) professional user.

Take me for example. I create many partitions for storing different types of files i.e. C: for the OS, D: for programs, E: for Games and F: for all other Documents, media and backups.
I'm not one that's into RAID so I know I can knock that aspect out of the equation (which is an advantage for using Dynamic Disk).
But are there any other major areas that would persuade one to use Dynamic Disk over the Basic Disk?
Dynamic disds are windows equivalent of software raid / vinum. yuo can also dynamiclayy change partition size without reformatting or whatnot. If you corrupt one though you've had it with your data so keep regular backups unless you are using it as raid mirroring.

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