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Disk management issue.


Stranger Than Fiction
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I have 2 SATA drives in my system. My first drive has a small partition (C:) and a larger one (D:) for applications. My 2nd drive (E:) is used for music, movies, games and other randoms stuff. When I install Windows both drives show up as Disk 0 and Windows guesses (poorly) which letter to assign which drive. The first disk (the one with two partiions) is assigned C & E and my 2nd disk gets D. Normally after installtion is complete I go into disk management and reassign the letters the way I'm used to them. Today it doesn't work.

I don't understand whats happening, it looks like Windows thinks I'm trying to change the C drive and is blocking it. Is this just a windows issue? Could I maybe try a 3rd party partioning program to do this? Any advice would be great.



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Stranger Than Fiction
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Well I tried to use partition magic to fix it and ended up with an unbootable system. Tried to change which ports on the MB lead to which device but that would cause Windows to be installed on the E drive. Guess I'm just going to reinstall with only one HD plugged in. Hopefully that will fix it.

PS: Sorry for the image size Matt. My bad.
Partition magic is dead. I won't touch it anymore. Since Syamntec took over it is spyware/copyprotected to death and likes to trash large drives.

Two SATA drives with 2 partitions should have not been a problem. The fact it split the partitions between drives and made both disk 0 screams to me that you had both set as bootable partitions. I've ranted this a thousand times - "Windows does not tolerate 2 Windows Boot partitons in one machine." Sometimes it ignores them sometimes it trashes Track 0 on one or both drives.

If you haven't gone to far try repairing Track 0. WD utilites has a repair and MBRtool (master boot record tool) does also. MBR Tool is command line, extremely powerful (aka dangerous).


Stranger Than Fiction
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How do I stop it from thinking both are bootable partitions?

Oh and here's a fun one. After I disconnected the other drive, rebooted and went into setup. It shows D as the boot partition and C as the application partition. I can find no way to change that through setup or through recovery console. I'm just going to reinstall on D, try to save as much stuff off of C as I can and delete the whole damn thing and do it again.

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