disk consistency check every time windows boots


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25 Apr 2002
for some reason one of my disks (F:) always gets a consistency check when my pc boots up. i have only one hard drive, split into 3 partitions (C:, E:, F:). any ideas on how to make this go away?

Assuming Windows isn't hosed...

Is it successfully completing the disk check each time? If yes, then there is a problem when you are shutting down. Check what settings you have selected in bios and power management for "what to do when the CPU power switch is pressed".

It's weird, it's showing a problem on F. I would expect the system disk to be the trouble maker. Do you have your pagefile on F by any chance?
I had this problem when I used WinME. Solution was to switch to XP, so I can't really help you except to say maybe it's time for a reinstall.
you're kiddin me about reinstalling....i just reinstalled last weekend. thats why i find it so weird. the only thing that may have done something is some tweaks in the registry i performed from the "tweaking experience".
as for the completion of it, it only does 3 steps, and they all complete successfully, and really quickly, i might add.
I thought the NTFS diskcheck was 5 steps? If it's only doing 3 it sounds like it's not completing which explains the recurring problem.

Try forcing it to do a disk check from properties tools, check now. Then reboot to run the check. If it runs all 5 steps it may clear up the probelem.
yeah, i tried that too...i found it weird it was doing 3 steps. the even weirder thing is that when it does the disk check (when i dont tell it to), it says step X out of 3...
when it does the check when i DO tell it to by rebooting, it says Step X out of 5...
Any chance you can copy the data from F to somewhere else and delete teh partition and remake it. A lot less work than reinstalling windows.

If that fails see if you have a registry backup from before you did the reg hacks.
Found this on another site. The setting they recommend is what I have in my registry.
See what yours says.

" Open a registry editor and navigating to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute sub-key. Change the entry to reflect a value of:
autocheck autochk *
Your system will now bypass the test at startup."
i backed up the whole reg before doin anything but i havent used that backup...i did a system restore to the time right before i messed with the reg. should i use the backup anyhow? (if so, do i just double click on the reg file?)
i looked for that reg key u gave me and it was just like u showed...blast!

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