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disconnecting from the internet

Can anyone tell me why the box that comes up after you close
Internet Explorer and asks if you want to disconnect from the internet doesn't work right with other programs. When I use it
with internet explorer or outlook express it works correctlly and only appears when i close the last program that it is running. On other programs like netscape it doesn't appear at all. With Incredimail and yahoo messenger it appears as soon as you minimize them even though they have icons by the clock as though
they should still run until you exit with the icon by right clicking on it. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to set this so it will be consistent with all programs. Appearing only when I close the last program that is using my dial-up connection? Thanks
I'm not sure there is a way to change that setting in programs like yahoo and such. Technically it shouldn't be popping up if your just minimizing it to the taskbar..but usually the individual program is controlling that setting and not windows so not sure how you would go about setting it all to be the same =/

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